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Version 1.50 of Agenda Minder was just released. It’s a personal productivity app for the Mac that helps you prepare for your meetings. After all, a meeting is only as good as your agenda.

Why Do You Need Agenda Minder?

Have you ever…

  • Forgotten an important question or follow-up that you were supposed to cover, only to remember shortly after the meeting ends?
  • Missed an important agenda item for a meeting that you are running?

You have your calendar for appointments, to-do lists for tasks, and Agenda Minder for meeting preparation!

How does it work?

Agenda Minder allows you to quickly capture agenda items for your meetings. After importing some details about your meeting from your calendar, Agenda Minder allows you to quickly enter the items for your meeting, such as the objective, notes, and who’s responsible for each item.

Say you get an email from a colleague asking to talk about project success criteria at the next team meeting. She needs to know what kind and size of test to run to be able to finalize her recommendations to the team.

  • Capture the item: filter for next week to quickly find the team meeting. Add “Success criteria discussion” as an item with “discuss success criteria to define testing needs for next program stage gate decision” as the objective with Kim as the Owner.
  • Share the agenda: two days ahead of the meeting, you share the three agenda items you have for the meeting via email to the team so everyone knows what is needed at the meeting.
  • Execute at the meeting: meeting finishes 15 minutes early with the objectives met.

NEW FEATURES in version 1.50

  • Search for Meeting and Agenda Item information
  • Tag field to categorize your meetings
  • Duplicate meeting menu item: save templates for your meetings to duplicate

As well as

  • Simple, minimal design with easy controls to capture meetings and agenda items quickly
  • Find meetings quickly: filter by today, this week, this month, next week, or even all meetings
  • Sort meetings by name or date

Try it today! readers can download a free 20 day trial and receive 20% off with the code BRETTSLAB. Agenda Minder ($14.99) is available at or the Mac App Store.

Download the trial today and make your next meeting better!

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