Thanks to DevMate for sponsoring this week. They have some big news to share!

From this moment on, the DevMate platform is free for all users. DevMate is much like an exoskeleton for Mac developers: you could do without, but why in the world would you when you can have all of its perks?

First and foremost, DevMate is a way to sell apps outside the Mac App Store. It has an advanced SDK designed to provide tools for licensing, crash reporting, update delivery, and feedback collection for your OS X apps.

But development feels like a side-dish when it comes to the analytics you’ll find on DevMate’s dashboards. Get all the stats on downloads, versions, sales, and revenues. Plus, info on your users and how they use your apps.

DevMate was originally created by MacPaw as a backbone for their popular Mac apps, CleanMyMac 3, Gemini, and Hider 2. Now the goods of the platform are available to devs across the globe, and plenty – such as like RealMac and Smile Inc. – have already switched. Hop on board, create your app, and leave the rest to DevMate. And it costs nothing.