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All Your Tasks. One App. Your Workflow.

Rindle is a personal task management app that integrates with the tools you already use, allowing you to seamlessly view all of your tasks on one screen. We naturally have tasks in multiple places: email, project management apps, and multiple collaboration tools. Rindle brings all of your tasks together into your own custom workflow.

Rindle allows you to spend less time switching between task management apps by bringing them all together, leveraging the tools you already use. Instead of replacing those other tools, we’re bringing some zen to your personal task management and workflow.

Many companies use various tools to manage different aspects of their business. Gmail, Slack, Trello, Github, and others have a unique purpose and function, but all of them can generate tasks for you to complete.

  • Rindle lets you bring all your tasks into one central workplace, allowing you to manage them in your own custom workflow.

  • Connect other apps to Rindle so you can quickly drag and drop to create tasks, reducing the need to type each one out. New tasks automatically link back to the original app, so you can always reference where that task came from.

Stop wasting time jumping between tabs in your browser to track down work or sifting through email to remember something you had to get done. Rindle keeps everything in one central location for you. Sign up for the private beta today.

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