You may have noticed a record zero posts here this last week. I have an explanation.

I went on my third real vacation in the last 10 years. My wife and I headed out to New Hampshire and Maine for a bit of East Coast flavor. We had a great time, thank you for asking.

As a productivity aside, I made use of a SaneBox feature I didn’t know about until now: the @SaneVacation mailbox. By moving emails to that folder, they disappear until the day I told it I would be back home, at which point they return to my inbox as unread messages. I replied to maybe 2 emails all week. It was very nice.

I also decided to do this trip without a laptop, relying instead on my iPhone 6+ and my WiFi-only iPad1 with an external keyboard (the Logitech K480 is awesome, by the way). I’ll write more about that adventure as I get time, though I’m so late to the “working on an iPad” game that I don’t have that much new to say2.

Anyway, to the point. Dropzone developer John Winter has been awesome enough to sponsor my blog the week I’ve been on vacation, and he’s taken it further by offering five promo codes for Dropzone 3 ($4.99US) to readers. Sign up below! Entries will be accepted right up until Saturday, September 5th at 12pm CST, at which time the Giveaway Robot will decide your fates by randomly selecting five (5) winners.

Thanks again to John and Dropzone 3!

Sorry, this giveaway has ended.

  1. Turns out if you save money on hotels and AirBNB stays, you end up with either bad internet or no internet. In the AirBNB case, we had an entire colonial house, which was beautiful, but had no cable, no internet, and no cell signal on Verizon. So that was rustic… 

  2. I also saw the new F-Terminal bathrooms at the MSP airport, which I can’t stop talking about. I do actually plan to write an airport bathroom review post. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees when linking to and affiliated sites.