Thanks to Eternal Storms Software — creator of Yoink — for sponsoring this week. I’ve been a fan of Matthias’ work for years (back to ‘09!), and I’m excited to have Eternal Storm’s support!

Yoink makes it easier for you to move files on your Mac by providing a space where you can temporarily place them. This way, your mouse is free and you can more easily navigate to the destination of your drag - a window, a fullscreen app or another space.

Yoink follows you so you can drag files back out at any time, to any app. Download a free 15-day trial.

Yoink is developed by Eternal Storms Software, an Austria-based one-man company run by Matthias Gansrigler. In addition to Yoink, the following apps have been crafted with care:

ScreenFloat is a Mac app that lets you create screenshots which float above other windows, keeping information visible while you work in other apps. It’s very useful when trying to transfer information between apps, windows, or even different displays.

Transloader is an iOS/Mac app combo that lets you start downloads on your Mac remotely from your iPhone or iPad.

flickery is a flickr desktop client for Mac that manages your flickr photo stream, albums, groups, galleries, uploads, downloads, and lets you browse through the vast photo library of flickr.

Briefly is a Mac app that turns your photos and music into stunning Still Motion Videos with only a few clicks.