Once upon a time, there was a fun personal database app for Mac called Bento (from FileMaker). It’s been a long time since Bento was discontinued and there’s been a several-year gap since we’ve seen a good replacement. Push Popcorn’s Records was released today, and it looks like a strong contender for that title.

Records has a drag-and-drop editor that takes absolutely zero knowledge or prior experience to use. You can build a database form and start cataloging your information in a few minutes. You can also share templates with your workgroup and other collaborators.

Records provides draggable elements for text, menus, etc., and has ready-to-use fields for images, contacts and URLs. It even has pre-filled lists for tedious items such as countries, currencies, etc..

Records doesn’t have many export options at present, and I hope to see some interchangeable formats soon. Right now it can only export a Records-format file for sharing and backup.

Records is for sale on the Mac App Store now for $49.99 US and requires OS X 10.10 or later.