I’ve written about Tally from Agile Tortoise before, expressing my affection for its intuitive interface and utility. Tally 2 is out today, looking great and taking advantage of new iOS 8 features.

Tally is simple, and infinitely useful if you — like me — have trouble remembering a number when there’s any distractions around you. You just launch the app on your iPhone or iPad and start tapping to count anything you need to keep track of. The entire screen is the button, so you don’t even need to be looking at your phone. You can swipe down to decrement the count. That’s what it does.

For such a simple app, though, there are some great features in the details.

You can have as many “tallies” running as you need (an in-app purchase unlocks unlimited counters), and each tally has settings for the direction to count on tap (increment or decrement) and the number of units to count by. The totals are persistent, and you can switch between tallies as needed by swiping to the right. You can even count right in the list view. It also handles repeating tasks well with a quick reset to a defined starting value.

You can turn on audio confirmation for an audible confirmation of a tap, which is nice if you’re focusing on what you’re counting and not on your phone.

There’s sharing support, and in-app purchases for a dark theme and the aforementioned unlimited tallies. The coolest part, though, is the integration with the Today view on iOS 8 for ubiquitous tracking of your tallies. Not having to switch to the app to add a count to something makes it frictionless.

There are also a couple of new actions for the URL scheme available for integration with other tools. The tally2://x-callback-url/increment?title=Tally%20Name handler is especially intriguing, although I haven’t built it into anything… yet.

Check out Tally 2 on the App Store. It’s free to download, and $1.99 US will get you all the counting and totaling you could ever desire (plus the night mode).