I’ve been working hard on a hundred things this week (well, 14), so I’ve been heads down. Somehow, I still managed to get some stuff up that I’m happy about, and wait until you see what I’ve been doing with my free time (and sleepless nights)…

Sponsor: Hack Reactor (Sep 18th)
First, a big thanks to Hack Reactor for sponsoring this week. If you’re looking for an immersive learning experience in the JavaScript field, check it out!
Counters•, a new tally app for iPhone (Sep 18th)
A beautiful iPhone app. If you ever need to count more than you can fit in your head or over too long a period to keep track of, this app is perfect.
How I Mind Map (Sep 18th)
This was my big accomplishment for the week. I think this post has been in the works for almost six months. I finally buckled down and got a solid overview of my mind mapping process recorded for posterity. I hope you find it useful!
The Lab T-shirts 2.0 (Sep 19th)
They’re not the cheapest t-shirts on the block, but you can show your support and make a fashion statement at the same time. I don’t know how much of a statement grey shirts are, but the logo came out pretty cool. Get one, and help make sure the goal is met so we can get them printed!

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