Some posts of interest from the last week:

Sponsor: (Jun 19th)
A big thanks to, my favorite way to schedule meetings, for sponsoring this week.
Nick Cave, disorientation, and EXIF data (Jun 22nd)
I found out later that the built-in Photos app (which I never open) can do this as well, but geolocation saved me from having to get a hotel room and admit to my wife that I’d lost the convertible.
Marker, Grablinks, and Bullseye fixes (Jun 23rd)
If you’re using any of my bookmarklets and they recently broke, here are the fixes.
Curio 9 adds all kinds of awesome (Jun 24th)
Curio 9 came out this week, and it’s amazing. Also be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance at your own free copy ($99).
Overtired is go (Jun 24th)
My new podcast with Christina Warren launched this week!
Systematic 102 with Brian Alvey (Jun 25th)
My guest Brian Alvey has created tools that almost everybody probably comes into contact with regularly. We have a great chat about startups and more.

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