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If you’re not looking to use an entire framework like methadone or GLI for your Ruby CLIs, here are some awesome tools to alleviate some common issues with writing command line scripts in Ruby.
I don’t know why it took me so long to discover these, but they’re really handy plugins if you use Sketch.app.
A really handy tool for quickly generating baseline grids and vertical rhythm.
Faster Sass debugging and style iteration with source maps, Chrome Web Developer Tools and Grunt
I just got this working last night and it’s awesome. The Chrome Inspector can point me right to a line in a Sass partial… (requires bleeding edge Sass/Compass).
The end of the GIF is nigh: Meet the GFY
I just got into using LICEcap thanks to Zachary Kain, and animated gifs are becoming more a part of my life than they used to be. Thus, this is fascinating.
Github Cheat Sheet
So much goodness in here. I honestly didn’t know about help.autocorrect and had forgotten that t will open a file explorer for a repo on the GitHub website. My life is better now.

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