About one year ago, Hugo Verweij brought us Cleartones Organic (mentioned here), and I’ve used the collection of cleverly simple, non-grating ringtones and alerts ever since. Now he’s produced Cleartones Pure, and I’m excited that he’s sponsoring BrettTerpstra.com to celebrate.


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Cleartones Pure is a new set of minimalist, elegant ringtones and notification sounds. The sine wave is the only sound in the world which can be called a “pure” tone: it’s is the only sound consisting of a single frequency with no overtones. It’s an excellent basis for a set of ringtones, but a single sine wave by itself isn’t very compelling. Carefully sculpting it using techniques such as frequency modulation and subtle effects can bring it to life, and Cleartones Pure is the result.

Cleartones Pure is a set of gentle ringtones and notification sounds. The original Cleartones concept was to offer ringtones which are clean, simple and unobtrusive, yet pleasant to listen to. Cleartones Organic did this with various wood instruments and light percussion sounds. Cleartones Pure achieves the same result with electronic sounds.

A single set of 50 ringtones or 50 notification sounds can be purchased for $10 each, and you can get both sets for $17 US. The combined package will give you more than enough sounds to cover every type of notification and unique ringtones for all your favorite people. Twice.

Find Cleartones Pure at the Cleartones website. The complete lineup consists of the new sine-wave-based Cleartones Pure, the acoustic Cleartones Organic, and the original Cleartones Classic.