I’ve been looking for a decent plugin to add a few features to my New Tab Page in Chrome. I found “the one” recently: Humble New Tab.

It puts the weather (with forecast), and your bookmarks (with a “recently added” section), apps, most visited and recently closed onto the page that appears when you open a new tab or window. Every item on the page can be dragged around and/or hidden. You get complete control over the background (including images), fonts, colors, layout and even the speed of animations. It comes with default themes that aren’t half bad, but you can tweak them in five minutes and have a very pleasing, very simple tab page.

You can even add custom CSS in the options to get crazy. I refuse to do it. It’s just a tab page, after all. I love the simplicity, speed, and especially the ability to put certain nested folders at the top level of any column for easy access. It doesn’t make a bunch of calls out to social media and whatever else those other tab pages I tried do to make themselves so slow they miss dropped urls and files.

Just thought you should know.