And the Fantastical winners are…

And the winners of the five copies of Fantastical for Mac are…

  • Pete
  • David
  • Jim Deville
  • Patrick Hogan
  • Gal Oppenheimer

Pete and David only get the first half of the code and they have to guess the rest. That’s what you get for only giving me the first half of your name.

Just kidding. If you’re on the list and didn’t get an email, let me know.

Thanks for playing, and be sure to check out Fantastical if you didn’t win. Check back on Monday… Five copies of Chatology are on deck!

Brett Terpstra

Brett is a writer and developer living in Minnesota, USA. You can follow him as ttscoff on Twitter, GitHub, and Mastodon. Keep up with this blog by subscribing in your favorite news reader.

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