Thanks to a big hand from Joe Workman, the Markdown Service Tools are at 2.0. There aren’t a lot of new tricks in there, but everything should be codesigned to avoid Gatekeeper issues and there are many improvements to functionality:

  • Outdent Service preserves sub-indentation, run it multiple times to outdent everything to the left.
  • Indent and Code Block services separated. Indent now uses four spaces, and Code Block indents everything by one tab.
  • Link list from clipboard has a better regex and removes ending punctuation, etc. from links surrounded by quotes or brackets.
  • Additional minor tweaks all around

The services have been reorganized to sort better alphabetically. To keep everything manageable, you’ll want to delete your existing set of Markdown Service Tools and replace them. This means, unfortunately, that you’ll need to reassign any keyboard shortcuts. I highly recommend downloading a copy of the Services Manager. You can find additional installation instructions in the howto section, and more details on the set on the (soon-to-be-updated) project page.

Please give the new set a shot and let me know about any issues you run into.

Markdown Service Tools v3.0.3

The Markdown Service Tools are a collection of macOS Services designed to make creating Markdown-formatted text that much easier. Services work in almos any macOS application.

Published 01/09/14.

Updated 09/14/20. Changelog

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Now that there’s a new and (hopefully) stable foundation to build off of, I’ll be adding new services soon. I may actually take these and build a bundle I can sell for a buck or two on the App Store, but they’re free for now. If you’re making heavy use of the Markdown Service Tools, a donation would be welcome!