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Stumbled on this accidentally, but I really like it. Aside from being able to see all of your gists on a single page, the search is quite good. Took a few minutes to index my collection, but the results are great.
My OmniFocus Setup
This post from Michael Schechter is an outstanding look at the way one person uses OmniFocus. It’s not likely that it would work for you out of the box, but it’s a great starting point for thinking about how you want to handle your own system.
Office Coffee
I’ve always loved the coffee my Aeropress makes. Then I followed this recipe and found out I was missing the goal by a long shot. I am currently drinking a sinfully amazing cup of Joe.
iOS Automation and Workflows with Drafts
I’ve said it before, but let me say it again: Federico Viticci is insane in the most excellently nerdy way I can imagine. A great post on making the most of the latest features in Drafts.
Sketch VS Photoshop
I ponied up for Sketch after reading this. I had dropped Illustrator a while back and had just been using Photoshop’s vector tools, but Sketch offers some great features for web and app developers. I don’t know yet if it will stick, but I’m continually pleased to see indie developers (also see: Acorn and Pixelmator) offering valid alternatives to Adobe’s overpriced — albeit powerful — products.

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