An iOS development saga: TimeToCall


If you’ve ever thought of developing an iPhone or iPad app — or any app, really — Hilton Lipschitz has chronicled the journey of his new release, TimeToCall. It’s a great way to see the scope of an independent development project and the amount of work that goes into a carefully-considered application.

If you ever call associates, friends or relatives in time zones other than your own, TimeToCall itself is also worthy of note. It’s a take on apps like Cities and Synchronize, but is specifically geared toward helping people in multiple timezones find the right time to have a chat. You know, that ideal moment when everybody involved is awake (and sober).

Thanks to Hilton for the epic series, it’s a great resource for other devs and soon-to-be devs. Check out both the posts and TimeToCall!

Brett Terpstra

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