Links of interest from December 11, 2012 through December 16, 2012:

V2 Sneak Peek: Alfred App Workflows
Ok, the possibilties for endless fiddling may be enough to make me switch… unless LaunchBar adds the ability to return custom menu lists from Actions. Then I’d be theirs for a long, long time.
Apaxy: A simple, customisable Apache directory theme
Maybe this is my Jekyll-based solution for projects that aren’t convenient for GitHub…
JSON Helper for AppleScript
I bought this a while ago and forgot about it. A reminder from iNik renews the intrigue of efficiently handling REST APIs in AppleScript. If only the rest of AppleScript were efficient…
Curio 8 tips and tricks video
As much as I live in plain text, I’m pretty much in love with Curio. It’s actually a great way to organize your text files, mind maps, archived emails… just about anything.
Combined with Python Readability, this is a pretty darn good “Markdownifier.” In testing it’s done a better job than html2text in almost all problematic areas. Requires Node.js.