Links of interest for November 19, 2012:

Schedule jobs using launchd
A great overview of launchd, the system I use for all of my task scheduling (and what drives Slogger’s automation). It’s built into OS X, and if you hack around at all you should definitely familiarize yourself with this tool
Dark Sky Alfred Extension
I’m definitely converting this for LaunchBar. I think I’ll add a weather logger to Slogger, too, though probably with a more complete weather report and graphics… why am I brainstorming in a blog post?
An awesome way to view HTML/JS gists as rendered web pages.
A few git tips you didn’t know about
This post is a couple of years old, but all good tips. I’m constantly amazed at how many things git can do that I don’t know about.
Write your blog posts like good rock songs
Chris nails the core requirements for a technical blog post. With Rock and Roll, no less.