Links of interest from November 8, 2012 through November 16, 2012:

Evernote 5 for Mac is Here
I’ve shied away from Evernote for a while, but this update is beautiful, easy to use and — most importantly — it’s been blazing fast in my initial forages.
Texts — Rich Editor for Plain Text
Interesting. Haven’t driven it very hard yet, but it’s a pretty slick "Rich Editor for Plain Text". Similar to the formatting ideas in FoldingText, but lighter weight. Edit as rich text, store as Markdown. I’ll do a better review when I have more time to play (I mean write).
If you, like me, have a habit of installing Sublime Text 2 packages and forgetting about them, you’ve probably run into cases where keybindings were being clobbered and you couldn’t figure out where the conflict was. Here you go.
Google Analytics Logger for Slogger
A Google Analytics plugin for Slogger by Hilton Lipschitz. Takes a bit of setup, but it’s worth it. I hope to eventually have this fully merged in as an optional plugin in the default distribution.
Pocket dressed up as Pinterest using the new Pocket API. Nice.