ProductiveMacs rules the productivity roost, again

It’s not the first time there’s been a great offering from ProductiveMacs, but the current bundle is awesome. It’ll set you back a mere $30, and includes multiple apps that cost that much on their own (and are worth more).

  • TextExpander (if you don’t have it, the bundle is worth it right there)
  • Path Finder (funny, I just started using PF again this week)
  • TaskPaper (Love it)
  • Concealer
  • Trickster (and the forthcoming upgrade is going to be sweet, especially for nerds)
  • DesktopShelves
  • Optimal Layout
  • DiskAid
  • iDocument

Go. Get it. Support some devs and get some awesome apps.

Brett Terpstra

Brett is a writer and developer living in Minnesota, USA. You can follow him as ttscoff on Twitter, GitHub, and Mastodon. Keep up with this blog by subscribing in your favorite news reader.

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