Web excursions: August 29, 2012

Links of interest from August 25, 2012 through August 29, 2012:

Making a Sublime Text Plugin: Markdown Reference Viewer
Gabe over at Macdrifter offers not only a very cool plugin for Markdown writing, but plenty of details on the process of creating it, too.
Via Daniel Jalkut, a method for blogging to OctoPress from MarsEdit.
1Password Logins in OmniFocus
Some very productive possibilities here. Thanks for sharing, David!
The Shape of Everything: VoodooPad Navigation Plugins
Gus revamped my old VoodooPad date navigation plugins for JSTalk (Lua doesn’t work in VP 5).
Day One — Using Hazel To Correct Misnamed Locations
A tip for correcting journal entry location stamps using Hazel. (Updated Ruby version here).
Cloud Mate
This may actually end up being really handy as I use iCloud more. It’s a handy Finder-esque interface for iCloud that allows you to drag files from any iCloud app in and out. Needs a bit of UI polish, but if you want to quickly access iCloud docs without launching apps, it’s a gem.
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