I’m excited to announce that MarkdownEditing, the Sublime Text package I started to scratch a prose-in-Sublime itch, is now a community project. The repository has been turned over to the SublimeText-Markdown organization on GitHub, and development is being headed up by Ali Ayas.

Check out the new GitHub project page for some details on all of the recent developments. Not everything is documented yet, but there are a lot of features and fixes happening daily on it now.

The package started out as an “opinionated” set of styles and features. Basically, it was what I wanted to use and I haven’t paid much attention to other people’s requests for custom options and features. Ali is making it a “democratic” package with more configuration options and a feature set to appeal to a wider range of people. It even has full Github Flavored Markdown support with highlighting for fenced code blocks.

The ultimate goal right now is to build the “One Markdown Package To Rule Them All.” We’re hoping that we can assimilate some of the features (and even developers) of other Markdown packages, providing a single package you can install to cover every Markdown need. I don’t know yet how receptive other package developers will be to the idea, but if you have Markdown-related features you’d like to contribute, please fork and send pull requests!

The package is up-to-date in Package Control, and should be compatible with both Sublime Text 2 and 3. It’s even in the top trending packages right now! If you’re a Sublime Text user and Markdown writer, be sure to check out the latest stuff and contribute to the GitHub repo!

A big thanks to Ali for picking this up and running with it.