A drop-in growlnotify replacement for Mountain Lion notifications


Youn mountain lion growlingI use the Growl Extra growlnotify in a lot of my scripts to offer notifications while they run in the background. It works great, and still works with Mountain Lion, but I have a thing for system integration and new shiny.

I had considered doing a massive search and replace on my scripts to substitute the terminal-notifier utility for instances of growlnotify, but I hold out hope that Growl will do the integration directly, eventually. In the meantime I just wrote a replacement for growlnotify that takes the exact same parameters and sends them to terminal-notifier instead.

You’ll need the terminal-notifier gem installed:

[sudo] gem install terminal-notifier

Next, save the script below as growlnotify, make it executable and replace /usr/local/bin/growlnotify (your location may vary) with it. Your existing tools should just work, now, without need for apps like Hiss.