Links of interest from October 26, 2011 through October 27, 2011:

“A fun and easy way to critique your visual design.” It really is.
iChat Notification with Growl
In light of Adium troubles I’ve had on Lion, this is a great solution for replacing the one feature I was missing most while using iChat (Growl/Boxcar notifications). Via @ptujec.
Detect Scrollbar Width with JavaScript
I do something similar to this on the Quick Look feature for TUAW, but may update my code to use this improved method.
iTunes info in NerdTool on Lion - All this
While you’re waiting for me to get my next Geeklet written up, here’s an awesome appscript-based iTunes/NerdTool setup from Dr. Drang.
CSS Background: There’s More To Know Than You Think
The title says it pretty well.