Links of interest from January 30 through February 1:

Readability Blog – Enjoy reading, support writing.
Pure Reader for Safari – Na’Design
If you dig Reeder’s stylish interface, you can bring it to Google Reader, too. This theme is gorgeous. I’ll still be using Reeder most of the time, but this was too cool not to mention. Also available for Chrome and Greasemonkey (which works well with Fluid, I checked).
Applying Color Schemes Requires Seeing Them Anew – Webdesigner Depot
A great piece on choosing and using color schemes, and it includes a very cool Photoshop action for seeing your palettes in different ratios of color.
Githood: A minimal GitHub client for iOS - The Changelog - Open Source moves fast. Keep up.
Cool little GitHub client for iPhone. You can pay .99 in the App Store, or download and install manually from the GitHub repo. I say, study the source all you want, but pony up a buck to support development if you’re using it. - Quix shortcuts for searching Apple’s App Stores
Great search shortcuts for searching the App Store and the Mac App Store from Quix. Thanks, TJ.
QR Code Generator
If you need QR Codes, this one offers all kinds of setups, including VCards that open directly to your iPhone contacts.