Links of interest from January 4 through January 13:

Volkside – Wirify homepage – The web as wireframes
Cool trick; turn any web page into an instant wireframe version for easier visual dissection.
45 Clean and Beautiful Minimalist WordPress Themes
Definitely includes a few inspirational themes to dig into.
Ajax file upload with pure JavaScript
This is awesome to know, I just wish it worked with iCab’s file upload on iOS.
CSS2/DOM - Styling an input type=”file”
Bookmarked because it took me a while to find a good solution. Hopefully it will save someone else some time…
You Will Not Believe This Is Just a Powerpoint
Pretty sweet use of Google Docs. Downright amazing, actually.
mom, this is how twitter works. – not just for moms!
This is not actually the explanation I would send to my mother… it would be a bit overwhelming. Nonetheless, it’s an awesome guide and full of useful facts, even for seasoned Twitterers.