Screenshot of the Instapaper Beyond micrositeDue in part to the inclusion of Instapaper Beyond in Apple’s Safari Extensions Gallery, I’ve put together a dedicated “microsite” for Instapaper Beyond. You can check it out at

It uses the same navigation as Instapaper Beyond (mmm, clever), so pressing “h” will bring down a menu of the main commands available in the extension, and pressing the letter for a command (or clicking it in the menu) will provide more information about that command. In some cases, a short screencast is available, and I’ll put more up when I have a chance.

The page takes advantage of the fact that it’s pretty much exclusive to Safari 5, using HTML5 video tags and webkit transitions for much of the interface. That, and a little jQuery. The video player is a custom-styled <video> tag, which was something I’ve been meaning to figure out how to pull off.

I hope IB users enjoy the page, and I welcome comments and criticisms!