Instapaper Beyond 1.3

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I just pushed out a fairly large update for Instapaper Beyond1, my little userscript for Fluid which adds extensive keyboard navigation and additional functionality to the Instapaper website. I’ve been playing with it sporadically for a while now, and version 1.3 has a lot of new features and some big fixes. See below for the best changelog I could pull together from my surprisingly scattered notes and commit messages.

Current users can update simply by pressing “U” (shift-U) in their Instapaper SSB. New users will want to take a look at the original installation instructions. The script itself is located here and over at If you find any problems or have any feature requests, I’d love to hear them!

  • Added new keys:
    • Shift-O to open articles immediately
    • t to open a menu for sending articles elsewhere
      • D to send to Delibar, d to delicious web
      • E to Evernote web clipper (the local helper isn’t quite ready yet)
      • e to email link with selection or highlighted text if it exists
      • p for Pinboard web
    • \ to enter “concentrate” mode (no sidebar, dark background)
    • See the help (h) for a complete list
  • Made certain functions work outside of Instapaper pages so it could do some tricks on opened tabs
  • added click recognition in article list, select articles by clicking with the mouse and then perform keyboard actions
  • added click recognition for paragraphs in text only version, sets highlight, ready for Delicious, Pinboard, email, etc.
  • added automatic target=_blank to title links
  • intercept mouse clicks on the “Text-Only” links to load Ajax version
  • added _blank to Open Original Article in text view
  • improved element selector for ,. paging and selection
  • Ajax folder creation, kinda
  • fixed text styling options so you can use all of Instapaper’s built-in customizations
  • smoothed out autoscrolling (/)
  • made the up and down arrows not scroll the article list page until the selection moves offscreen
  • added styling to break lines in code blocks (pre) for wrapping
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