Thanks to ScreenFloat for sponsoring this week! I was a frequent user of the original version, and I’m very excited to see version 2 released. It’s chock full of new features and tools that set it apart from the competition.

Hi, my name’s Matthias, I’m the developer of Yoink, Transloader, and Tameno, among others.

Allow me to introduce another one of my apps to you: ScreenFloat. Over eleven years after its initial v1 release, and after more than a year and a half of development, ScreenFloat 2 is finally here — rebuilt from the ground up, based on the core functionality that made it so beloved, but improving it in numerous, incredibly useful ways.

Capture screenshots, record your screen, or take timed screenshots. Re-capture shots without painstakingly reframing them. Import from your clipboard, other apps, your Desktop, or your iOS devices.

Float screenshots and recordings above all your other windows, apps and spaces, so information or reference material is always visible, no matter what you do. It’s like picture-in-picture, but for your captures.

Texts, faces and barcodes are detected in every shot you take and can effortlessly be extracted/copied and non-destructively redacted with a simple right-click.

Mark up and annotate your screenshots with lines, arrows, checkmarks, highlights, smart bullet points, redactions and more. All non-destructively, so you can always go back and make changes or restore the original capture.

Pick colors from any floating shot. Crop, “fold”, resize, rotate, “de-retinize”, trim, and mute your shots.

Sharing floating shots is just a file drag away, with on-the-fly changing of file format and sizing options, whether or not annotations should be included, and more.

Set up double-click workflows for repetitive tasks, like de-retinize the shot, resize it to 75% and then attach it to an email.

Your captures are stored in ScreenFloat’s Shots Browser, where you can name, tag, favorite and rate them, and organize them with folders and smart folders. They can also (optionally) be synchronized across your Macs over iCloud.

Find all your shots system-wide or in the Shots Browser by their metadata — including detected text and barcode content.

And more!

A screenshot is just a screenshot. Until you use ScreenFloat. Check it out today.