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ChatGPT is eating the world, but it’s still in its infancy. There are times when the service isn’t available or you don’t have time to wait as the AI slowly churns out an answer.

Here’s a thought: pair ChatGPT with TextExpander. Generate your content with ChatGPT, save it as a TextExpander Snippet, and then you can edit it to your liking and deploy it at any time with a short abbreviation or our Inline Search.

We wrote a blog post about how you can use ChatGPT to generate customer service responses and save them as TextExpander Snippets.

You can simply go to ChatGPT and tell it something like:

Pretend you are a customer success manager for a utilities and energy company. Write 5 different emails responding to a customer about their inquiry about an incorrect monthly utilities bill. Write the emails with a happy, helpful, and professional tone of voice.

ChatGPT dutifully writes 5 emails you can use in this scenario, which you can then copy and paste into TextExpander as Snippets. From there, you can edit them and easily share them with your team.

Note from Brett: you can also use TextExpander fill-ins to generate new prompts. Change “an incorrect monthly utilities bill” into a fill-in where you can change the problem to solve, and presto, custom ChatGPT prompt without repeating yourself.

Of course, you can adapt this technique for any line of work where you need a library of standardized messages, like IT, recruiting, or sales—anywhere you can automate routine tasks so you can focus on what matters. TextExpander is great for handling routine messages like a customer referral email, new employee welcome notes, or a job offer email.

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