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What if your digital notebook allowed you to create at-a-glance dashboards and checklists using queries to pull in and consolidate information from all across your project into lists, mind maps, or Kanban collections?

We call them Smart Collections and that’s what we’re introducing in Curio 25 Professional, the latest release of our flagship note-taking and brainstorming app for macOS.

Create a new list, mind map, or Kanban stack then specify a query expression. Immediately it will dynamically fill itself with matching figures from across your notebook. A query can be as simple as starts soon or #remind or as sophisticated as (@george priority>4) or due<2w or #active group:priority.

Even better, these dynamic collections contain live instances of the original figures. Edit an item’s text or change dates, tags, or other meta attributes, and those changes are instantly reflected back to the original figures.

In addition to Smart Collections, Curio 25’s Search shelf has been completely overhauled to support this powerful query language. And the query language itself, also used by Curio’s instant Quick Find feature, has been greatly extended with even more functionality to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Curio, first introduced almost 20 years ago, is the most advanced notebook application for note-taking, brainstorming, and research. It provides all the tools and functionality you need to be more productive and get stuff done.

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