Thanks to TextExpander for sponsoring this week! Read on for some ways TextExpander can aid your ChatGPT experience.

Everyone’s talking about ChatGPT, the AI text generation tool, and what it’ll mean for the future of work. Why would a company pay someone to code or write when a machine can do just as well or better than a human?

There’s just one little snag: the rule of GIGO—garbage in, garbage out—still applies. Give ChatGPT a vague prompt, and it’ll return a vague response. To obtain truly excellent answers and content, you must give it more input—detailed, exact instructions specifying the result you want. It’s an emerging art called prompt engineering.

You may spend hours developing a great prompt that gives you the exact results you want. But then what? That’s where TextExpander comes in. It’s a powerful auto-complete tool that’s the perfect complement to ChatGPT.

To prove it, we’ve created a Public Group of amazing ChatGPT Snippets that we’ve collected from TextExpander users. Want to format ChatGPT’s output in Markdown? Try the Snippet gpt.format1. Want to translate the contents of your clipboard into Spanish? Try gpt.translate.

Those just scratch the surface. Thanks to writing instructor Ryan Briggs, we have the gpt.peermemo Snippet, which evaluates the quality of a technical memo, and gpt.storyreversalsteps, which identifies all the twists and turns from a scene of a screenplay.

To learn more, check out How to Use ChatGPT with TextExpander and keep your eyes on the TextExpander blog for more ChatGPT Snippets and tips.

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