Thanks to MacUpdater for sponsoring this week! I’ve been using MacUpdater for quite a while, keeping all of my software up to date across all of my Macs. I love updating all of my software with just a couple of clicks.

MacUpdater scans and displays all installed software on your Mac — see at a glance what app or plugin needs an update!

  • MacUpdater provides version information for over 60,000 apps (and growing), and over 6,000 of the most popular apps can be updated directly from within MacUpdater with a single click
  • The Pro edition supports more than apps: audio plugins, preference panes, quicklook plugins, and more
  • MacUpdater is flexible - you can control MacUpdater from the main app, the menubar, the Touch Bar, or the command-line
  • It’s an universal build and fully compatible with Apple Silicon
  • The recent 2.3 update brings support for new technologies in macOS 13 “Ventura” and enables transparent handling of updates delivered in packages (.pkg) readers get 15% off - just use the coupon code BRETTTERPSTRAQ4 at