I had the pleasure of interviewing Patrice Brend’amour on Systematic #239 this week. Last time Patrice was on Systematic (2014), she was living as a man, and has since transitioned to being a proud, transgender woman. I’ve always supported trans people, but have been hesitant to ask a lot of questions I assume are stupid of trans the people in my life. Patrice gave me a chance to ask them with openness and understanding, and I learned a lot.

Meanwhile, on Overtired #206, Christina and I started with our “mental health corner,” in which we talked about depression, both in the context of my bipolar disorder and in the broader world of clinical depression. Of course, we soon moved on to mechanical keyboards, Schitt’s Creek, and our favorite audio books, closing with a bit of debate over the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. (Spoiler: she was a hero, but not perfect. Because nobody is.)

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