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In case you missed the flurry of posts about this recently, it’s an iOS app for Apple Watch that gives you detailed control over a watch face and a bunch of new complications.
Speed up your Mac via hidden prefs

While none of these changes will make a slow Mac feel like a brand-new machine, they can help the actual and apparent speed of your interaction with the OS…

Tumult Whisk
I personally need tools that can handle CSS pre-processors and do fine with grunt and livereload, but this is another slick looking option for an all-in-one editor and live preview.
Aerial Brings Apple TV Screen Savers to the Mac
Get all of the aerial screensavers on your Mac, with a ton of options and settings.

We believe that we should be truly relaxed before working. The main idea is to have a longer break period than work periods. So we “inverted” the Pomodoro timer and called it Doropomo…

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