A big thanks to MeisterTask for sponsoring this week’s blog post! I’ve been working from home and using MeisterTask for a while now, and given that most people are in a similar situation at the moment — this post is dedicated to highlighting how MeisterTask can help you and your team work remotely effectively!

For those of you new to MeisterTask, here’s a short introduction to help get you acquainted: MeisterTask is a cloud-based online task management tool which gives you an overview of all your to-dos (tasks) by visualizing them on slick Kanban-style project boards. The boards let you create customizable workflows so you can easily see your tasks through from creation to completion.

The best part about MeisterTask is that it’s simple and easy to use. You—and your colleagues—can be signed up and onboarded in a matter of minutes. And all you need to get up and running is an internet connection. Individuals can use MeisterTask to boost their own productivity and get organized. Teams can use MeisterTask to set up a virtual, fully-customizable workspace. That’s not all, MeisterTask integrates with a lot of other tools used for work such as: G Suite, Slack, Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, Zapier, Confluence, Bitbucket and more

Now, working from home may be old-hat for some, but judging by the news circulating at the moment, it’s clear that there are a lot of people suddenly in uncharted territory… working from home for the first time. So how can MeisterTask help? It’s software that can help you manage your email, communicate, and hold meetings. MeisterTask helps you manage your work.

MeisterTask helps you manage your work remotely with its features built for online collaboration. Here’s a brief breakdown and description of just some of those features:

  • Projects are your MeisterTask workspaces. They can be set up according to department (e.g. marketing), area of expertise (e.g. design), sprints and of course projects (website redo). You can invite as many members as you like to make collaboration seamless.
  • Sections act as your virtual workflow. An example of a simple workflow is: To Do > In Progress > Done. MeisterTask offers unlimited sections so your workflow can be as simple or as complicated as you like.
  • Tasks are your to-dos. Tasks can be added to sections in projects, assigned to the person responsible, and team members contributing to the task can collaborate in real-time via comments, mentions, instant notifications and “watching.” If most of your tasks come to you in the form of email, you’ll be happy to know that each section in your MeisterTask project comes standard with its own email address, emails sent to that address are transformed into tasks.
  • Attachments such documents, files and pictures can be added to tasks for more context. Also, this ensures that everyone is working on the most updated version.
  • Due dates can be added to tasks ensuring that no deadlines are missed.
  • Built in time tracking so that you always know exactly how long it took you to complete a task.
  • Desktop and mobile applications so that you never miss out on an important update.

These are just some of the features that MeisterTask offers. If you’re interested in finding out more, you should check out the features page. Working from home can be effective if you have the right software with the right features; a workspace for you and your team (projects), a virtual workflow (sections), and to-dos (tasks) that can be collaborated on in real time, all of which MeisterTask offers.

Sign up for the MeisterTask Business plan, for $20.75 per month, and use the code BRETT15 to get 15% off your first year with the annual pricing plan! MeisterTask also offers a feature-packed free plan if you’re looking for a simple, nice looking task manager.