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Stuff to read and things to do while you shelter in place.

The Creativity of ADHD
ADHD folks might have the creative edge on their peers. Via Frank Petrie.

Remove vocals, drums, bass and synth with state of the art AI. Built for DJing, music production and karaoke alike.

I tested this on some punk rock tracks and it did an amazingly good job of splitting vocals out from accompaniment.
I Miss the Office
I don’t miss the office myself, but this is a clever, web-based background noise generator for those who need the drone of offfice sounds to feel like they’re working. I find it humorous and well-implemented, but you might actually find it useful.
Jitsi Meet - Instant Free Videoconferencing
A secure, open-source alternative to Zoom. Because there are so many things wrong with Zoom. We tested this with an interstate family call and it was smooth sailing for everyone. I believe it’s a solid option.
PlayingCards.io Virtual Tabletop
Play tabletop games online with friends, including a Cards Against Humanity clone called Remote Insensitivity. Game night doesn’t have to die with social distancing.