I had the pleasure of being the guest on Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast this week. Episode 400, which seems like a big one, numerically. I’m duly honored.

I mention it especially because the conversation ended up being enlightening to me. I didn’t know what I was going to talk about when I got on Zoom that day, but I found it very natural to be open and vulnerable about my experiences with ADHD and BPD. Which, ironically, is where the conversation started out.

We talked about how I’ve never found it scary to talk about my mental health, as screwed up as it may be. It’s easier to talk about it than hide it, so it’s really the path of least resistance for me. But I’ve learned over the years that not everyone has that proclivity, and being able to see others share makes a lot of people feel less alone, frustrated, and ashamed. I’m so glad that my inability to keep my feelings under wraps is beneficial to others, especially given the potential alternative reactions.

I learned a lot about myself just talking through it on the episode. Hopefully any ADHD folks with time to listen to it can enjoy the epiphanies with me. And while I hadn’t been a listener until after the invite came, I’ve been checking out the back catalog and will be a listener going forward. It’s a really great podcast for people with ADHD in their lives (in themselves or a love one).

Thanks to Pete and Nikki for letting me be a part of it! Check out episode 400 at rashpixel.fm.

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