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Are you up to date with the latest on Screen Time, Apple’s time tracking solution? Screen Time already keeps track of the time you spend using the different apps on your iPhone and iPad. Now Apple has announced that with the macOS Catalina update, you will be able to track the time you spend on your Mac too!

Want to know more about what exactly Screen Time is? Get yourself up to date with a look at our guide for Screen Time.

The not so great news? The features of Screen Time are very basic, especially for someone tracking their time on a professional level. The featureset is so limited that you’ll only have access to 30 days of activity — and nothing more than a high level overview of what you were working on. Simply put, Screen Time doesn’t provide enough detailed information.

That’s where Timing comes in. Similar to Apple’s Screen Time, Timing automatically tracks the time you spend on your Mac. What’s more, every document you touch is tracked with Timing. You can then break your time down and assign it to customer projects — giving you a much more detailed look at how you spend your time.

Timing doesn’t stop when you’ve stepped away from the computer. Unlike with Screen Time, you can manually add your time offline — perfect for when you’re on a client call or in a meeting. You’ll love the calendar integration too. With a single click, you can create time records for events from your calendar. And even the most analytical will love Timing’s custom, detailed reports!

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