Thanks to TableFlip for sponsoring this week. This app is one of the coolest task-specific Markdown tools I’ve seen in years, making editing MultiMarkdown-style tables in your documents truly painless. I’m honored to have their support this week!

TableFlip is the only table editor for your plain text table editing needs:

  • Edit and view CSV files quickly
  • Edit and view tables inside Markdown files and apply changes to the document live!
  • Export your data to LaTeX tables

TableFlip is compatible with every plain text workflow imaginable. Use whichever editor you like, and keep it open while you work with TableFlip. You can use Marked 2 and TableFlip in concert to enhance your Markdown workflow. It’s fast, it’s fun to use, and it’s now on the Mac App Store.

Blazing fast and fun to use

TableFlip is designed to make working with plain text table data easy and fast.

Having a look at a CSV export of your database becomes painless. Adjusting the Markdown tables for your upcoming book is easy as pie (the eating, not the baking).

Tabular data should be edited in a tabular way, not as a string of characters. Look at column data in a CSV file in an instant, whereas regular spreadsheet software needs ages to even launch! Markdown tables from anywhere inside your text can be edited conveniently in the graphical editor. This beats mangling text every time.

Imagine editing Markdown table syntax on a per-column basis. Text processing doesn’t support this well. Text is a linear sequence of characters. You think in terms of a two-dimensional table. That’s a bad clash of expectations!

With TableFlip, you edit Markdown tables live and in-place in a graphical editor. Open the document to view and edit all the tables buried inside.

You will know how to use the editor immediately. It comes with industry-standard shortcuts for editing spreadsheets. And if you need to add more columns or rows, TableFlip is built all around that: Just move beyond the boundaries with your arrow keys and begin editing right away!

If you rearrange parts of a table and want to prune excess columns and rows, TableFlip has you covered, too. Let the app clean up the mess for you!

Integrates with your plain text workflow

If you use Marked 2 to have a live preview of your Markdown documents already, toss TableFlip in the mix for some graphical editing and see how all the apps work in synchrony!

It’s so natural that it’s weird to even mention, but TableFlip does allow you to use whichever tool you prefer to edit and process your text files. It does not lock you in, and it does not change the file encoding. You have all the power — and even more with TableFlip added to your tool chain.

Beautiful Interface

Be it dark mode or light mode, TableFlip’s minimalistic design puts your content first. Its user interface emphasizes fast recognition of icons to improve your workflow and gets out of the way everywhere else.

No cluttered toolbars, no arcane command hidden in deep menu hierarchies — TableFlip focuses on the key elements of your plain text workflow so you can get stuff done, fast and elegantly.

Now Available on the Mac App Store

You can see and purchase TableFlip directly from the developer, but now you can also download TableFlip from the Mac App Store.

We understand that the convenience of auto-updating apps tied to your Apple ID outweighs the flexibility of purchasing directly from our own store for some people. That’s why we are now available internationally, right from your Mac’s App Store. Enjoy!

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