Web Excursions are select bookmarks from my travels around the interwebs, because I'm always thinking about you while discovering other people's cool stuff. You mean that much to me. You can see all of my (public) bookmarks on Pinboard, and visit the bookmarks archive for curated lists across the last few years.

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Temi - Audio to Text Transcription Service
Not the most affordable audio transcription service (10¢/min), but well-reviewed and very solid in my testing. There’s also an iOS app for recording meetings and lectures and getting timestamped transcripts within 10 minutes.
Reader View
Basically a clone of Safari’s Reader View for Chrome. Works really well. Tip: you can select some text on the page before opening it to specify exactly what area to use, just in case the site’s design isn’t conducive to stripping out ads and other clutter.
An interesting Chrome extension that lets you create web scrapers with point and click to specify components of a page, then download results as a CSV after scraping multiple pages. Use it on 10 pages without signup, 1000 with registration, and even more with the premium plan.
Why cold weather doesn’t mean climate change is fake
Hopefully the majority of my readers can read the headline and not need further explanation, but just in case… my current temp of -49°F here in Minnesota does not negate the undeniable trend of global temperature rise. In fact, they’re probably closely related.
Memento Mori. This iOS app sends you notifications reminding you that eventually you’re going to die, and then offers you a random quote on death (and/or life, as the two are fairly entwined). My dark sense of humor and I find this delightful.

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