Thanks to MeisterTask for sponsoring this week! I’m a big fan and excited about the release of 2.0. Read on for more!

MeisterTask, which first launched in 2015 and has since become one of the most popular task managers on the web, just released its biggest update yet, making the app faster and more customizable than ever. The update also introduces a number of highly requested productivity features and comes with a fresh new look.

MeisterTask is a Kanban-style task manager that runs inside any standard web browser as well as on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. While the concept of Kanban boards isn’t new, MeisterTask has gained a huge fan-base due to its focus on simplicity and its beautiful design.

But MeisterTask is more than a pretty face: Aside from its intuitive UI, the tool offers powerful automations that help teams work more consistently and efficiently. It also integrates with 1,000+ other web-based apps, partly via native integrations and partly via third-party services such as IFTTT and Zapier.

With its latest update, MeisterTask has become even more customizable, letting users choose exactly what information they’d like to display on their dashboard, as well as adding a ‘custom fields’ feature, enabling users to define one or multiple input fields, which are then added to the tasks inside a project.

It’s also worth noting that MeisterTask’s servers are located in Frankfurt, Germany, which - in times of GDPR - is often a deciding factor for companies when considering cloud-based tools, particularly for those based in the EU.

If you want to give the all-new MeisterTask 2.0 a try, you can create your free account at or get in touch with the sales team directly to discuss a customized solution for your team.