12StarApps - Discounts on apps from EU indie devs

After posting about App Santa 2017, Daniel Alm (developer of Timing) let me know about 12★Apps, a sale on apps from indie developers in the European Union.

Until January 2nd, some great apps are 25%–70% off their normal prices. I’ve used almost every app on this list and it’s an amazing collection of quality tools:

  • Notebooks (71% off)
  • Notebooks for Mac (52% off)
  • Working Copy (30% off)
  • GIF’ted (25% off)
  • Submerge (25% off)
  • iStopMotion for iPad (50% off)
  • mimoLive Reporter (50% off)
  • QuickScale (68% off)
  • Carbo (39% off)
  • Prizmo for iOS (27% off)
  • Prizmo for Mac (30% off)
  • PocketCAS for iOS (50% off)
  • PocketCAS for Mac (50% off)
  • Timing (25% off)
  • VideoGrade (35% off)
  • Where To? (71% off)
  • Remote Buddy (20% off)
  • Money for iOS (58% off)
  • Money for Mac (50% off)
  • ColorSnapper 2 (30% off)
  • Byword for iOS (50% off)
  • Byword for Mac (46% off)
  • Linky (44% off)

Head over to 12★Apps for more details!

You might also want to check out Eltima’s gamified holiday sale on all of their apps, including Folx PRO, Commander One, and Elmedia Player.

Brett Terpstra

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