iTunesIcon 2.3

I’ve updated iTunesIcon, my little Automator App for grabbing the high res versions of iOS and MAS app icons directly from iTunes. Version 2.2 had proven a bit buggy after some minor search API changes.


  • Defaults to 512px size now, unless ~s (small, 60px) or ~m (medium, 100px) are specified in the search string
  • If ImageMagick is installed, it now rounds the corners of iOS icons automatically (code inspired by Brad Jasper)
  • Replaces original download with rounded version, converting to png if necessary
  • Other minor cleanups and improvements
  • Oh yeah, and a new icon which, if I may say so, is delightful

See the iTunesIcon project page for more info on installing ImageMagick. It works just fine without it, but the rounded corners are a nice touch.

ItunesIcon v2.3

An application for quickly retrieving the high-res icon for any Mac or iOS apps.

Published 02/15/14.

Updated 10/25/17. Changelog

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