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Given the volume of emails most employees are sending and receiving each day, it’s not surprising that mistakes are made once in a while by everyone.

Sending a message to the wrong person or replying all is one of the most common email errors. The potential consequences range from simple confusion and awkwardness to serious data security issues. Another unpleasant case is forgetting a file attachment you have referred to in your message. This mistake can become a real problem if the document at stake is critical for your business. The list continues with unprofessional-looking or even completely missing email signatures.

To avoid email mistakes (or at least significantly reduce them), you need special tools designed to optimize your email experience. You’ll find them all in MailButler.

With MailButler you get reminders about omitted email attachments. Thanks to the Undo Send feature, your outgoing messages can be recalled and corrected after they have been sent. Beautiful and professional signatures are available as templates in multiple designs. With MailButler you can even easily schedule and snooze your emails, get detailed read receipts, and put your inbox on pause.

Properly used, email can be a very effective tool for communication. Check out how MailButler can help you to get the most out of it.