It’s not a secret that I’m a big fan of MeisterLabs, especially their cloud-based mind mapping app, MindMeister. While I could talk at length about the amazing feature set and the benefits of realtime collaborative mind mapping, this post is about a certain MindMeister tool I just recently got around to exploring: Geistesblitz on the Apple Watch.

Geistesblitz1 is a feature of MindMeister that lets you instantly add ideas to your mind maps maps. You define a default map for die Geistesblitze, then type in the idea and it’s immediately sent to that map. Your ideas immediately show up on all your devices and those of anyone sharing the map. It started out as a Dashboard widget that I used frequently years ago (when I still used Dashboard for a lot of my productivity). The API has made it possible for me to create other integrations over the years, and it became a part of the iOS apps. It’s now been deprecated there and is only available on MindMeister for Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch version, though, is proving to be the most useful incarnation of the tool ever. I open the app, tap the big lighting bolt button, and speak my idea. When I tap “done,” it’s sent to my default map instantly. I can also select a different map right before speaking the idea, and I can rapid-fire ideas at it. With my waterproof Series 2 watch, this means I can brainstorm in the shower, even without my AquaNotes (waterproof notepads are always worth mentioning, right?).

I haven’t figured out yet if there’s a Siri command for ideenfindung, but I hope to learn it or see it added soon.

I frequently recommend mind mapping as a brainstorming, organization, and even writing tool. MindMeister on the web, Android, and iOS and Apple Watch is an excellent brainstorming tool. It makes implementing collaborative mind maps a simple and enjoyable task, even when you’re bringing in people who’ve never mind mapped before. Check it out and get your Geistesblitz on.

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  1. German for “brainstorm”