Web Excursions are select bookmarks from my travels around the interwebs, because I'm always thinking about you while discovering other people's cool stuff. You mean that much to me. You can see all of my (public) bookmarks on Pinboard, and visit the bookmarks archive for curated lists across the last few years.

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Toby - Make tabs work for you
This is very close to being the Chrome tab manager I’ve always wanted. It’s easy to save and restore a window full of tabs, but also easy to organize them into whatever groups you want. Drag and drop tabs, and manage open tabs with a great looking interface. I do wish there was a list view, as once you get a lot of tabs stored it takes a bit too much scrolling to work with the grid view it uses.
Grammar Snob on the App Store
For those who revel in critiquing other’s grammar, even in text messages, a sticker pack that lets you add edit marks and corrections in Messages on iOS 10. This will not go over well with spouses, friends, or enemies. But you’re used to that.
Collaborative Bot Platform
Build your own conversational bot that understands natural language and integrates with a ton of messaging platforms.
NotePlan: Lean Markdown Calendar, Todos and Notes on the Mac App Store
Ok, this looks amazing. Write and edit notes, tasks, and events in Markdown, then get a calendar view, task list, even integration with Reminders and, Calendar, and other apps.
A free mac app that will export your Apple Notes to Markdown. Not only would this be a great way to transition from Apple Notes to a Markdown-based notes system (ahem, BitWriter is coming), but also a great way to continue using notes but maintain a portable backup. Nice.

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