Thanks to Boom for sponsoring this week!

The world got together last weekend to celebrate International Music Day, and its love for music remains intense. A similar undying love for music runs through the veins of Global Delight, an innovation-based organization from a small town on the western coast of Indian peninsula.

Global Delight is the proud developer of Boom, a powerful app that provides an immersive and mind-melting audio experience. Boom’s algorithm makes every sound crisp, clear, and loud… really loud — so much so, that “loud” becomes an understatement.

Boom is a Mac app that not only boosts the volume but also enhances it for an engrossing experience. It beautifully calibrates itself to the perfect highs and lows and delivers the output in the finest dynamic range. It also comes with a smart Boost Control feature for system speakers, which lets the user have finer control over the boost. And that’s not all! Boom also allows users to modify the audio output with adjustable equalizers. Simply adjust the equalizers and create an output that suits you best. Simply put, Boom is an intelligent and a must-have application.

Consistently rated 5 stars on the Mac App Store, Boom comes with amazing audio effects that blend seamlessly to create an addictive audio environment. The audio effects — namely Ambience, Fidelity, Spatial, Nightmode and Pitch — can be added with in-app purchases, and are also available for time-limited trial.

Boom isn’t just for music, either. It works system-wide, so YouTube videos, Netflix movies, and even Skype calls are all enhanced.

Boom can be downloaded from the web store as a one-time purchase for $14.99. It can be powered up with the audio effects for just $4.99. Alternatively, you can download it from the Mac app store at $19.99, including all of the audio effects. Boom is also available for iOS with slightly different features, yet equally powerful output — where loud remains just an understatement!