Update: Even take 2 was a disaster, so the download has been updated to version 2.2 (122). It’s worked for all testers thus far. For more info on the issues, see here.

Please report issues on GitHub, not on Twitter or via email. It helps keep everything manageable and avoids us having to answer the same questions in a hundred different tweets and messages. Along the same lines, please take a look at existing tickets before starting a new one.

So we released the final version of nvALT 2.2 last night, except I threw in a bug that would crash it for everybody except me. Silly static linking issues.

The update is back in the automatic updater (nvALT->Check for Updates), but anyone who already updated will need to download the new version directly (below).

Thanks for your patience. Feel free to donate and keep David and me alive while we finish up work on BitWriter!

nvALT v2.2.8 (128)

A fork of Notational Velocity with MultiMarkdown preview and advanced Markdown editing capabilities. Other good stuff.

Published 06/08/13.

Updated 09/19/17. Changelog

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