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Have you ever needed to communicate application or website features, or to demonstrate interactions in software products quickly and clearly? Animated GIFs are a perfect way to show exactly what you need to, and Claquette makes it easy.

Claquette allows you to seamlessly record your Mac’s screen, microphone and camera. After finishing a recording, use the built-in crop and trim tools to define the relevant portions of your recording before you export to a movie file, or as highly optimized animated GIF or PNG.

Create stunning video tutorials or screencasts to reach your online audience in a more personal way. Use short videos to promote and sell your products or create animated GIFs to enhance your blog posts. Animated GIFs are also great for developers and designers to communicate issues in software projects or create meaningful bug reports.

Claquette can also be integrated into your professional video editing workflow with the optional Pro Exporter Pack. This pack contains exporters for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5 and ProRes. The custom lossless recording codec guarantees high quality recordings and vibrant, color perfect exports.

Visit our product page to learn more about all features, or download the application from the Mac App Store.

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